About the General Well Person

Regular health check-ups help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimize any potential health concerns at an early stage. This test package offers a wide range of tests and measurements, allowing both men and women to gain a holistic understanding of their health status.

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1. Full Blood Count

2. Iron Status

3. Heart Health

4. Metabolic Syndrome

5. Kidney Health

6. Liver Health

7. Nutritional Health

8. Thyroid Health

9. Prostate Health

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Personal Health Measurements

Personal Health Measurement can provide a comprehensive assessment of your overall health, helping you to identify any areas of concern and make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

The following tests are typically included in a Personal Health Measurement:

Frequently asked questions

This test identifies potential health issues, provides valuable insights into your well-being, and enables early detection of any abnormalities or risks.

Fasting requirements depend on the specific tests included in the package. It is best to consult with the healthcare provider or the testing facility to get clear instructions regarding fasting for accurate results.

The frequency of these tests depends on individual health factors, age, and risk factors. You should consult with a healthcare professional who can assess your specific health needs and advise you on the appropriate testing frequency.

Some tests may require specific preparations, such as fasting or avoiding certain medications. It's important to follow any instructions provided by the provider to ensure accurate results.

Yes, this package includes various tests to detect serious health conditions such as anaemia, heart disease, kidney disorders, thyroid problems, and prostate-related issues. Early detection through these tests will facilitate timely intervention and management.

This package covers a wide range of health parameters, including blood counts, organ function, cholesterol levels, nutritional status, and hormonal balance. While it offers a comprehensive overview, it is important to note that it may not cover every aspect of your health. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for a more tailored assessment if required.

The turnaround time for receiving test results depends on the testing facility. Generally, results are available within a few days to a week.